Scattered on a barren land, humble beings extract particles out from organism and devotion. Bond and loosen, clash then immerse. Isolated ones meet at the prosperous intersection of immense chemical reaction. Do we credit the chosen one? Or perhaps, those forgotten memories and wisdom shall drift in the universe, empowering society flourishing.
When my clients received these pieces, they named these pieces “God is a woman”. They do capture some message of the images. However, I think there is more than this straightforwardness. It’s a celebration for productivity using the symbol of female organism. Their hairs, tears and their fertility form the body of outter and inner earth. They are not the mighty creator of the world; instead they represent humble little units, creating big magnificent things to enlighten others.
A copy of this work has been purchased by Wilson Associates for Le Lapin Restaurant, locating in Macao Science Center.

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