Higher organisms broke away the natural food chain, and then created their own establishment of food chain. Stumbling on a flat road, pursuing the matter of selves in a dust storm of dream. The more distant away from it, straighter and tighter a thread went. Turned back to glimpse that circle of chain, why the body still missed that verdant land ? Until the thread overloaded with vulgar and phoniness, it snapped at a critical point, ripped faces and collapsed. Gliding waves washed the inner stuffings back to shore. Pulled down the skin, tossed away. I’m still an animal, and you ?
 “Skin Off" is a series of combinations of portraits and animals paintings. The artist designed individually for others, using animals of their choices represent their spiritually selves.


高等生物脫離了自然食物鏈,接而創造屬於自己的食物鏈。僕僕道途的走著平坦的馬路,在勞勞塵夢之中追尋自我本質。距離越遙遠,一絲線拉得更直更緊。轉身回看已遠離的那一圈鏈,為何身還惦記著那塊綠地?直到衝過頭線已超載過多俗媚,於臨界點ㄆㄧㄚ硬生斷裂、臉面垮了,原始的內餡湧湧拍打回岸。拉下臉皮,我丟。我還是一隻動物,你呢? 《丟,臉 Skin Off》是一系列以臉皮與動物為主題的粉水彩畫。創作者為「丟臉人」們設計,採用他們的精神連結動物作為丟臉後的真面目。
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